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Education, Health, Social Awareness and Rehabilitation

-- Areas of Work --

HEALTH & Nutrition Sector

EHSAR had implemented 48 projects in different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Merged Districts in different sector of interventions, and supported the marginalized and vulnerable communities accordingly. Out of 48 projects, 30 projects were/are on Health (PHC, DTC, ARI, and Health Infrastructure Development), whereas 21 projects were purely on Primary Health Care (PHC) services including COVID-19.

 EHSAR Foundation also implemented Primary Health Care (PHC) project with Host, IDPs and Afghan Refugees in host area and in IDP’s Camp scenario as well. EHSAR instigated Primary Health Care (PHC) project at New Durrani IDP Camp at Kurram in June 2013, which were continued till the decommissioning of the camp in 2016. Moreover, EHSAR also implemented two projects on Primary Health Care (PHC) at Jalozai IDP Camp Nowshera in 2016-17 (till the decommissioning of the IDP camp at Jalozai – Nowshera). Apart from that EHSAR successfully concluded several projects in different districts of KP and newly merged districts. All these projects which were awarded for IDPs and refugees was an emergency or early recovery nature.

Keeping in view the past track record and expertise of EHSAR, in all the below proposed sectors of, it envisioned that EHSAR is one of the prominent organizations for the proposed sector and can implement projects across the country. EHSAR has trained and seasonal technical and Non-technical pool of staff of different sectors and can board any time with the consultation of donor and EHSAR HR policy.

PROTECTION/Social Services & GBV Sector

EHSAR is active member of protection at provincial and national level Protection and PSEA Workings Groups/Cluster and regularly participating in the meetings. Currently EHSAR is the part of Refugees response and actively participated in the activities. EHSAR had vital experience in protection since 2014 and implemented several projects for IDPs and Refugees in KP and NMDs, conducted different activities like protection monitoring, Legal assistance and Grievance redressal mechanism in host and camp, In total of 07 Projects in the sector of protection and GBV have been implemented with financial support of UNHCR, while one project was implemented with IRC-Pakistan in 2017 under the title of RELEIF in districts Peshawar for Protractive IDPs of Ex-FATA. EHSAR also have experience in GBV sector and Implemented projects for South Waziristan IDPs with financial support of UNFPA. All these Projects were an Emergency Nature and Development as well, but majority of them were emergency projects and were implemented successfully.

SHELTER/Non-Food Items (NFIs) Human Settlement

During and after the conclusion of military operation against the non-state actors in Ex-FATA during the early recovery and rehabilitation phase EHSAR was active partner of various donors in the NFIs and Shelter sector and was active member of the cluster till the deactivation of shelter cluster in KP. EHSAR intervened in Kurram and Khyber tribal districts after its clearance and open for the returnees and implemented 05 Projects with financial support of UN-PHPF and King Salman Relief and Humanitarians center.  Apart from the Shelter and NFIs integrated project, two projects were completed for flood affectees of Swat, Shangla and Chitral districts and provided Winterized Kits, while one project was during displacement of Tirah and Kurram in New Durrani IDP Camp-Kurram. The nature of projects was emergency based and early recovery development as well. Besides, This EHSAR is an expert team of NFIs/Shelter which are involved from designing phase to execution and can execute any project in the specified sector anywhere in KP and newly merged districts.

Food Security & Livelihood (FSL) Sectors

EHSAR is the one of prominent organization of KP, which contributed in every emergency occurred in the area and secured funds to response to vulnerable community of the area. EHSAR has also implemented 06 number of Food Security & Livelihood nature of projects in K.P, Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan (G.B) across the country as well. From displacement to return of IDPs, Flood 2010 and 2022, EHSAR provided services to local deprived communities, IDPs and also protractive caseload of AGHAN Refugees.

WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) & Environmental Health Sector

Since the establishment of the organization, EHSAR first project was in WASH sector back in 2008, since that EHSAR has been implemented 05 projects in 05 districts of K.P and merged districts with the financial support of TVO, World Bank/Department of Health, UN-PHPF, and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation/ECHO. Besides this, EHSAR also have experience in implementation of integrated projects and executed several projects during and post IDPs emergency. EHSAR is active member of WASH provincial Working groups and at the district level has closed coordination with WATSAN cell. EHSAR recently completed WASH project in South Waziristan and constructed 07 large water supply schemes as per the donor satisfaction and installed solar system and pipelines to ensure proper and safe water supply to the returnees.

Physical Infrastructure Development/Social Cohesion Sector

EHSAR works “To support & strengthen human resources and institution for the promotion of sustainable development at the grass root level”. This aim would achieve with the close collaboration of partner communities, Government and organizations through a participatory, demand responsive, gender and poverty sensitive integrated development approach in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Merged Districts. EHSAR has implemented 07 Integrated infrastructure development projects with multi sector donors i.e., UNHCR, CWW/RF, UN-PHPF, HELVETAS and WHO as well around the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Training Development and Research Services Sector

Major focus of EHSAR is to provide better trainings and Research services including large scale needs and impact assessments along with Technical skill Development of multi sectors through our international skilled consultants and program staff for human an skill development. Along with this, EHSAR is offering Consultancy services to national and international organizations and donors for various nature of evaluation, researches, impact/need assessments and developing high quality training modules, software, data analysis, tools and research reports. EHSAR completed various nature of training and development initiatives with Govt. Health department/KPHCIP a WB project at K.P. and LPP/CRF at Punjab very successfully.

Director's Message

EHSAR’s Plan for humanitarian response 2021 focuses on COVID-19 pandemic to respond and support Govt efforts to control the out spread of such pandemic in an organised and professional manner, safeguarding our frontline Health professional and community as well, while Development, Protecon and Food security assignments that support a strong foundaon for the future of Pakistan community and Afghanistan refuge in 2021 fort polio. The current catastrophe in Afghanistan is a big challenge for the communies across the border to survive and to get their basic rights in shape of educaon, health, food security, protecon and future security and development. It also focuses on developing Afghan refugee relaons with host communies, and addionally in order to build a promising future for coming generaons by supporng their Health, educaon and empowering them socially, financially and psychologically. Another focus is developing refugees’ capabilies and experiences to open the doors of hope for them.

For its Fourteen years running, and in co-operaon with partners supporng communies, EHSAR connues to fulfil the basic needs of deprived community in Pakistan and Afghan refugees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and in neighbouring country. Since we in EHSAR also believe that it is essenal to focus on Community development and the development of the individual, 2021 was concluded by numerous achievements. We struggled with our local and global partners to form a nucleus for building a promising future for the coming generaon to overcome disparity and deprivaon. These projects did posively impact the direct beneficiaries, and acvely contributed to an advanced level of Humanitarian work whereby there were secondary beneficiaries too.

Kazim Ullah | Executive Director

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