Flood 2022 Pakistan Appeal


Management & Human Resource Capacity

EHSAR have a team of highly talented, qualified and motivated professionals with rich experience in social sector and grand vision for the future. EHSAR operates its functions independently through different sections/units, which have been established at Head office level, not only to ensure the smooth implementation of the programme, but also ensure the transparency, accountability and fairness in operations. In this connection, each unit has been made independent lead by a senior officer, who directly accountable to Program Management unit and then the head of the organization.

Currently EHSAR has five supportive units at head office level, with clear TORs, and scope of work. These units are 1) Financial Management Unit, 2) Logistic & Procurement Unit, 3) Human Resource Management Unit, 4) Monitoring & Evaluation Unit, 5) Project Management Unit, supervised by 6) Programme Management, in consultation with the Executive Director. All the units have been equipped/strengthened with human resources, necessary equipment as well as comprehensive policy manuals, which clarify the operational procedures accordingly. Moreover, EHSAR adopted a centralized control management system, for each project, which again ensures effective and efficient operations of the awarded project.

During the implementation of projects, EHSAR established Human Resource Database at HR unit, which providing regular backing during the swift hiring of project staff, especially technical ones, for any nature project with no time. EHSAR This database could be used for the proposed intervention, with the consultation of EHSAR/HCIP KP, after the mutual understanding and agreement.

Human Resource Consultants

EHSAR has hired and maintained a number of core staff based at Head Office, As per the EHSAR HR policy, all section heads including associate and assistant are the core team of EHSAR, While for the each project separate team member of technical and non-technical staff are hire on contract basis for the project life. In the core staff Executive Director of EHSAR, Program Manager, Senior Administration and Finance officer, Senior Logistic and Procurement officer, Senior Human Resource officer are included. EHSAR has a vigorous technical consultant which had national and international multi sectoral experiences as well.

Overall Portfolio

EHSAR holds a demonstrated post registration overall experience of more than 15 years, with years of experience particularly in the field of project/program Management, Hiring of Staff for small- and large-scale projects, Logistic arrangement for the implementation of the projects. EHSAR considers its management and Logistical Capacity appropriate for all the field work and Head Quarter operations along with all sectoral work, tasks and activities, as EHSAR has a well-established existing office and networks in K.P and across the country, which can be taken up as the Head Quarters/field offices for all the operational work (including all activities logistics) required which will facilitate all the permanent and field employees of the project.

Moreover, EHSAR has completed multi sectoral projects in the required sectors and has a vigorous experience and presence in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and NMDs. EHSAR has successfully implemented several projects in the sector of Health, Protection, GBV, Food security, NFIs and Shelters, Environmental Health (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), integrated nature projects, Emergency Response and early recovery projects in complex emergency as well as natural catastrophe.

Glimpses of our Projects